How I may look 40 pounds into the future

On Thursday, April 27, 1995, I experienced great pain. A slave to convenience (and perhaps overly concerned with the well-being and financial health of my insurance company), I opted to get all four of my wisdom teeth removed. The operation itself wasn't too bad, if you don't mind a lot of grinding, twisting, and smoking when you're not on a dance floor. There was also an excess of bone drills and scalpels. But I was there, numb, open-mouthed, and drooling <a href="highschooljoke.txt"> for the procedure--only afterwards did I truly understand what the fuss is about.

These pictures were taken two days after the fact. According to the surgeon, this was at the height of the swelling curve.

As you can see, I look a lot more like Joe Camel than I ever wanted to.Ouch.  Maybe you're better 
off not having a graphical browser.

Oh, the humanity!

I still do not look happy in this picture. I think I had stopped bleeding by this point.

Just a quick change of perspective.A lesser man would have been destroyed by this page.   

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