People I Have Met Thanks to The Glory of All That Is the Internet

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Suffer!  Here I am, dressed up for another night on #Mindvox.

Here I am, dressed up for another night on #MindVox, menaced by the miniature robots from another planet that control my every move.

What is Mindvox?

MindVox, formerly an Internet Service Provider, is neither the Internet nor a Service Provider. Discuss.

MindVox, as we knew and loved it, is no more. Will it rise up from the ashes, like the immortal phoenix? Um, no. But voxxers are still around. We hang out on irc channel #mindvox and live to taunt outsiders.

Voxxer Pages

What is a Voxxer? Simply put, it's a person who, at one point or another, used Mindvox.
NOTE: This list is prioritized by the importance of the author to me and the well-being and continued existence of the universe. Well, actually, it's alphabetized. I can't fool you, can I? Lo, I will distract you with a gratuitous table, then!

What role did he play in the attempted assassination of the Pope? Um, none.
The rootless cosmopolitan formerly known as slowdog
Much too cool for the space allotted.
This burma is free. Unless you want political advice.
He's got a drumstick and he's not afraid to use it.
Loopy. Lippy. And I can't think of any other L-py words.
Write her using phrases like "snookums", and "Go Islanders!" She LOVES that.

If you are a voxer and are not yet linked, (and you want to be) send me mail.

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